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I know that you can choose any representative to sign under. I encourage you to take your time and research a potential sponsor. You'll want to sign under a person who will help guide you. Someone who will rally your efforts as a business owner and endeavor to train you with both tips and sharing her experiences. 

If someone chooses to have me as their referring representative (sponsor) - I include them on a team page: Team Aspire. It's a tight knit team of women who I count as team mates. Team Aspire is a place where I work to share information, tips, training videos and anything that I deem that would be helpful to someone as a business owner. I have been an independent representative with Agnes & Dora since August 2016 - and have been blessed to learn much within that timeframe. I'm happy to share my knowledge and my experiences with my fellow team mates.

If Team Aspire is a place you can envision yourself - we welcome you as you start your own A&D journey.